Sunday, April 24, 2011

CVS trip: 04/24 : Saved $57.92, Spent $2.29!

All told, the total of everything before coupons etc was $60.41. I paid $2.29 out of pocket, saving $57.92! That is a 96% savings!! Even the cashiers were both looking at the screen going "Wow that's great!" I told them, it's so worth the little bit of effort to make a plan and shop with coupons! I post these trips in hopes of helping people understand how to shop at stores like CVS and save a bundle on items you are going to need anyway. I truly hope all of you benefit from the information that I share :)

Here's what I got:

(4) Dove Men + Care Deodorant
(1) Blink Tears Eye Drops
(2) Just the Basics Party Mix
(1) Just the Basics Teddy Bear Snacks
(1) Bounty Basic 8 roll ct
(2) Clean and Clear Body Wash
(1) Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets (FAVORITE!)

I broke my trip down into three transactions as follows:

Transaction 1:
~Blink Tears - $7.99. Used $4.00 peelie coupon that was on the box (woo hoo!)

~(4) Dove Men + Care Deodorant on sale @ .99 each. Used (4) $1.00/1 Dove Men + Care Deodorant coupon from 3/27 SS insert. That coupon expires TODAY so if you have them GO USE THEM TODAY! This made all 4 deodorants free + .04 after coupons!

~(1) Just the Basics Party Mix on sale .84 ea or 12/$10

Used $4.00 Extra Bucks from last week, which if you did the math on the Blink tears is why I needed the snack mix as a filler item.

Total OOP this transaction: .83 Received: $7.99 Extra Bucks from Blink Tears!

Transaction 2:

~ (2) Clean and Clear Body wash @ $5.99 ea
~(1) Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets @ $5.79 ea
~(1) Just the Basics Party Mix @ .84 ea

Used (1) B1G1 Free Clean and Clear Body Wash coupon from 3/27/11 SS insert
(2) $2/1 Clean and Clear Printable
$7.99 Extra Bucks from previous transaction.

Total OOP: .63 Received: $5.00 Extra Bucks (Spend $15 on Clean and Clear, get $5 Extra Bucks)

Transaction 3:
(1) Bounty Basic 8 Roll ct paper towels - $5.99
(1) Just the Basics Teddy Bear Snackt - .84

Used: $1.00/1 Bounty from P&G booklet that they sent through Facebook promo in March. $5.00 Extra Bucks from previous transaction.

Total OOP: .83


  1. Do you go back 3 times, or do they let you do 3 transactions in a row like that?

  2. At my store, I put everything I'm getting in my cart. Then when I get to the register, I tell the cashier I'm doing multiple transactions. BUT, I'll get back in line for each one.

    I pull the items for the first transaction and after I pay I go to my car put it away (and let the line behind me clear). I move the cart aside, and let the cashier know I'll be back.

    Then, I get back in line with items for my 2nd transaction, do the same thing (go to my car, let the line clear). And again for a third, fourth, etc.

    I've never had a problem. It takes longer, but I know the other customers and the cashier appreciate it, and it gives me time to breathe and think!