Friday, May 6, 2011

My Super Fantastic Week at Rite Aid!

I had a super crazy good week at Rite Aid this week! Everything you see in this photo was $3.00! Then I went back and used my rain check for the BOGO Purex Crystals and found a free Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush and only paid .99 for all of that!

Here is the breakdown of how I did this:

Transaction 1:
I went into the Rite Aid that has the mean manager (lol) and I bought
(2) Revlon Compact Emory Boards on sale @.75ea = $1.50
I used the $1.00 off anything coupon that you can get monthly from Rite Aid Video Values, making my total OOP .50
I received $4.00 +Up's per this weeks deal on Revlon Beauty Tools! So I made $3.50 on this transaction!

Transaction 2:
I went across the street to the not as nice, but the people are nicer Rite Aid (haha) and here's what I did:
(2) large bags of M&M's on sale 2/$5.00
(4) Butter Finger Snackerz @ 2/$1 = $2.00
(1) TresEmme Climate Control Mousse and (1) TresEmme Climate Control Hair Spray, all on sale @ 2/$8.00.

Used: $4.00 +Ups from previous transaction
$3.00/$15 coupon that you get for completing the survey on your Rite Aid Receipt.
(2) $1.00/2 Butter Finger Snackerz coupons Facebook Coupon, no longer available.
(2) $1.00/1 TresEmme Climate Control coupon (3/20 SS)
(1) $1.00/1 TresEmme Climate Control VIDEO VALUES COUPON

My subtotal before coupons was $15.00. I saved $13.00, making my OOP $2.00!
I received $3.00 total in +Up's from the TresEmme and the M&M's. I got the Snackers completely free with my coupons! And I made $1.00 in +Ups!

Transaction 3:
(2)Large bags Twizzler's Strawberry Twists on sale 2/$3.00
(2) Revlon Compact Emory Boards (you can do the +up deal on these twice this week!)on sale .75ea = $1.50.

Used: $3.00 +Ups from previous transaction
$1.00/2 Twizzlers VIDEO VALUES COUPON

Total before coupons: $4.50. After coupons and +Up's: .50!
I received: $4.00 +Ups again for the Revlon Tools, making another $3.50!

Crazy, but on this day, Rite Aid actually PAID ME to shop! Gosh, I love that!

*I welcome all of you sharing your shopping trips with me! Head on over to MY FACEBOOK PAGE and post your trips! You don't need to break it down like I do, just give us your totals before and after coupons/rewards! And post a picture if you have one! We love pictures!*

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