Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CVS week of 10/02/11 I got paid $6.59 for $68.96 worth of merchandise!

I just had to take the photo with my receipt! Look at that baby!! Woo hoo!

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE CVS??!?

Before I started couponing, I LIKED CVS. I would go there for candy, maybe a bottle of water. I'd go browse around the cosmetics department for a lip gloss or a nail polish but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could actually build a stockpile of  Home, Health & Beauty, Pharmacy, and even Grocery items for around a 90% average savings week after week!

I sometimes get strange looks as I stroll around the store with my shopping cart, coupon binder propped up in front of me, sometimes calculator in hand. I've even gotten heckled! Today in fact a lady behind me in line was basically laughing at me for my coupon binder and then she watched me pay $4.41 for $68.96 worth of products AND walk out the door with $11.00 Extra bucks! SHAZAAM!! She tried to laugh it off by stating that SHE could have bought the cheap powder but she didn't! I told her I didn't buy the "cheap ones" either. :)))

OK, OK, I digress, let's get to this trip and how I pulled a rabbit out of my hat yet again. 
Yes, I had a few special coupons and we'll get to that, but most of what I used are coupons any of you could have if you bought just TWO newspapers a week. 

This is one transaction.
I bought: 
(2) Dove Shampoos- On Sale =$2/6
(2) Dove Conditioners - On Sale= $2/6
(1) Dove Men + Care Deodorant = $3.49
(1) Bounce Dryer Bar - On Sale =$3.99
(2) Febreeze Air Effects - On Sale $2.99ea = $5.98
(2) Febreeze Noticeables Refills - On Sale $3.99ea = $7.98
(2) Cover Girl Bronzer = $4.99ea B1G1 50% OFF = $7.48
(1) Cover Girl Cheekers Blush =$4.99
(1) Cover Girl Professional Mascara =$5.99

Total before Extra Care sales: $68.96

Total after sales: $51.90

Manufacturer's Coupons Used: 
(2) $8/2 any Cover Girl Face Product (10/2 P&G insert) = $16.00
(2) B1G1 Free any Dove Hair Care (10/2 P&G insert) = $6.00
(1) $1/1 Dove Men + Care Deodorant = $1.00
(1) $1.50/1 Bounce Dryer Bar (from Vocalpoint - can no longer request) = $1.50
(1) $2.00/any 2 Febreeze Products = $2.00
(2) $1/1 Febreeze Noticeables Refill = $2.00
Total value of all Manufacturer Coupons = $28.50

If I had stopped here and not had any Extra Bucks or CVS coupons my total would have been: $23.40.

I then had a coupon for $3.00 off Cover Girl Professional Mascara which printed out of the Magic Red Machine.
I also used $15.99 in Extra Bucks broken down as such:
$5.99 earned last week when shopping
$2.00 for Pledging not to be a Money Trasher (first 500,000)
$3.00 Quarterly Extra Bucks
$5.00 for hitting the $50 mark again in beauty purchases, via the CVS Beauty Club

So, after the CVS coupon and my Extra Bucks my total Out of Pocket was: $4.41

I then brought home $11 in Extra Bucks. $5 for purchasing $15 in Dove, $5 for purchasing $15 in select household items, and $1.00 for my 4th scan of my Green Bag Tag

So, if I subtract my out of pocket from Extra Bucks earned, I actually was PAID $6.59 today for all of this!

Otherwise, I saved 94% and paid just .32 per item!

Don't think you can do this? You totally can!  If you went in and spent the $23.40 this week, you'd bring home $10.00 Extra Bucks and next week you could roll that right over into more Extra Bucks and less out of pocket! It just keeps adding up from there, my friends!

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